Thursday, December 4, 2008

Year 1905

January 5, 1905
At sunset, Julian Montalan, with his own band and the bands of Fructuoso Vito, Masigla and De Vega, march up the main street of Taal in the province of Batangas, disarm the municipal police who made but a semblance of resistance; murder one policeman; and loot the municipal treasury. Most of the townspeople remain quietly in their houses, but a few openly fraternize with the raiders, who finally depart with twenty rifles, fifteen shotguns and about seven thousand pesos. (Khaki[1], 38)
[Montalan was among the first revolutionaries who fought against Spain under the banner of the Magdiwang Council of the province of Cavite headed by Mariano Alvarez where Montalan was accorded the rank of Colonel.]

January 24, 1905
Montalan, together with Felizardo, De Vega, Masigla and Vito, and their men, disguised in constabulary and scout uniforms, raid the town of San Francisco Malabon in Cavite province, engage the government troops in a firefight and take off with cash and valuables and the wife of ex-insurgent General Mariano Trias' wife and two children. (Khaki[1], 40)

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